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Playa Fench

Mobility packages 

Get the most of your travel, stay in Mexico for a period longer than a month, get excellent prices with our partners while you enjoy a season in one of our beautiful cities. 

A new and enriching experience

Experience a new standard of medical tourism and lodging in Mexico:

  • Significant Savings: Get high-quality medical treatments with savings between 35% and 85%.

  • Unique Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich Mexican culture and enjoy warm climates during your stay.

  • Feel as a family member: Experience the genuine warm welcome from the locals, We will do the impossible to make you feel home.

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Ancla 2
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 Yucatán peninsula, Puebla and Mazatlan

Enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Southern Mexico and getan  affordable price for your dental  procedure.

Digital Nomad

Anywhere in Mexico

Get our advice and experience new memories, We help you understand the immigration key points so you have a peaceful and enjoyable time.

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Image by Peter Kalonji


Come to find beauty

Beauty and aesthetics services + healing experiences and spa.


We will contact you

From Mexico +52 2226 65 85 55

USA & Canada  +1 778-834-1253

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