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Binet Kamat Test Of Intelligence Ppt corgonz




• Verbal :- 'Owing to the difference in the age group, 'conventional' versions of Binet and Stanford-Binet Tests in Hindi have been developed which take account of the developmental levels of the children in each age-group. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale for the Indian version was developed in the 1970s. • Research has shown that only the verbal score of this test correlate.with IQ test scores. • Intelligence quotient (IQ) - Test is in two parts (1) Verbal (2) Nonverbal. • Construction of the test is based on Piaget's theory of cognitive development. • This test has following components:- Booklet I (multiple choice type test) Booklet II (picture completion test) • IQ test is suited for evaluation of children from 2.5 to 23 years of age. • It has four parts :- Verbal (four sub-tests)Nonverbal (two sub-tests). • Materials and methods.- The first subtest is "Binet's comprehension of language" which evaluates the understanding of grammatical rules, synonyms, antonyms and words in the four basic tenses. • The second subtest is "Binet's expressive language" which evaluates the understanding of synonyms, antonyms, rules of grammar and words in the four basic tenses. • The third subtest is "Odd-words test" which evaluates the child's understanding of different categories of words. • The fourth subtest is "Symbolic reasoning" which evaluates the understanding of logical fallacies, patterns, composition of sentences and syllogisms. • In addition, the scores of each subtest can be added up to produce the total score which indicates the IQ of the child. • Psychometric properties.- Its reliability and validity is established by several studies. Several researchers have evaluated it in different samples and countries.- It has been found to be valid and reliable. • Since it has been developed in the 1960s, it is much less compared to contemporary tests. BIDMR : Bender image-digit matching-recognition test CAT : Children's attention test CDI : Children's depression inventory CAR : Calculation-associative-reasoning test CBCL : Child behavior checklist CBCL-AS




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